Talking Fashion, Vacation, and More with the Cast of Our Summer 2024 Campaign

Read on to discover what the cast loves about this time of year, what they can’t wait to wear, and more.  

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01.18.24 • NYC
“All my clothes are from old Italian brands—the Jacket is from a line called Twinset. The shoes are a particular kind of style from Venice called Friulane (free-o-lany)—really comfortable and flat. The bag is from my agency—Women 360!”


01.18.24 • NYC
“Everything is vintage—a very old Givenchy leather skirt, a Burberry jacket and a Balenciaga bag and Off-White by Virgil shoes. All vintage jewelry—real diamonds! All handmade for me.”


01.18.24 • NYC
“My sunglasses are Yves Saint Laurent, the jacket is from a vintage store in Berlin called Archive, hence “Archive” on the back. This is an old Rick Owens tee shirt; Acne jeans and my boots are a New York Staple Frye boot. The ring is from Ten Thousand Things—I bought myself a canary diamond ring for my birthday—and my earrings are Repossi. All my jewelry is super personal.”


01.18.24 • NYC
“My sunglasses are by Bhavya Ramesh jewelry—she’s an Indian jeweler—and my earrings and nose ring are family pieces from India, all gold everything all the time! My shirt is actually my mom’s from Ralph Lauren, probably from Ross Dress for Less, my jacket is a woollen jacket from a Chinese brand called Proverb, and it’s embroidered. My jeans are oversized unisex Uniqlo, the string that I use to tie them is from a lover, and the brooch on the jeans is vintage, and the boots are from Ganni.”