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11.9.23 • NYC
“Today I’m wearing a top by JW Anderson—I love him. It is actually one of the designers who I walked for in London. And the jeans are from Jaded London. And the shoes are what’s interesting. The shoes are a collaboration from Kim Jones and Converse. So, they’re literally sold out everywhere. I remember when the collaboration came out, I was in Dubai, and I woke up super early to get this collaboration. That’s dedication. Literally I am dedicated to my craft, honey! The bag is from I Am Gia, which is a brand that I’ve always supported. And this jewelry is from my mom, which is super nice—I always wear it. My mom gave it to me on my 20th birthday and I’ve always just worn it, I just love it so much. It’s just something that I feel like, I don’t know, gives me good luck. It’s a good luck charm.” 


11.9.23 • NYC
“So, it’s a very easy outfit. I’m only in town for a night, so I thought let’s grab the easiest thing. It’s a vintage skirt that I dyed black. It was blue before. And my top is Flora Flora—it’s an Amsterdam-based brand made in Portugal and 100% cotton. The owner is really nice, so I always love her stuff and it’s very simple, beautiful, and timeless. 


11.9.23 • NYC
“This is my go-to New-York off-to-work from-day-to-night look. I love a super-long wide leg pant and a little snatched waist and a little crop. This is actually the VS athletic crop—the new little crop tees. I have it in black and white. And I just tried to do some fun accessories and this bag I have, honestly, belongs in a time capsule at this point. It’s so old, so we’ll just say it’s vintage, and it’s like my signature at this point. No one can imagine me without it. I probably should move on, but I can’t. The necklace is my friend’s company, Karo Kangas. So, her brand is called Karo Koru. She’s a makeup artist and she started making jewelry in the pandemic and the brand has taken off and It’s so cool. It’s lots of amazing beading and pearls and things like that. Overall, I just try and keep it simple, but have fun at the same time.”
11.9.23 • NYC
“I’m wearing a vintage bodysuit, everyone asks me about it… and a second-hand Jil Sander skirt I got from the Real Real, and Adidas Superstars— classics! And I’m wearing Supreme socks and Exchange Program/Akila Sunglasses— the style is Lizza, and the bag is vintage Chanel from Buyee (Japanese eBay). I call this look 97 degrees on a Thursday! 



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