Festival Styling: What the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Team is Wearing

Take it from the experts—these are front-row-ready looks for every vibe.

Christina’s Picks

If you have opened the internet even once over the past couple months, then you know—boho is back! This effortlessly chic look helps you beat the heat during the day and lightly layer up at night.

Jennica’s Picks

Cowboy, take us away. With this suit and pant as the base, all you need are some fun, western accessories and a let’s-go-girls attitude to complete the look.

Caitlyn’s Picks

She’s a Barbie girl in a festival world. Lean into your femme side with a glitzy-glam matching set and a pretty-in-pink bikini for a front-row-center-approved outfit.

Priscilla’s Picks

California girls, they’re unforgettable (because they dress like this). Nail the effortlessly cool vibe by pairing pretty pastels with baggy jeans and standout accessories.

Sindia’s Picks

Denim on denim on denim. You can’t go wrong when your outfit is centered around everyone’s favorite fabric. Add a femme touch with straw accessories and white underpinnings.

Danielle’s Picks

When in doubt—wear black. There is nothing more chic, classic, and cool than an all-black outfit. Give it some extra edge and personality with accessories and get ready for compliments.

Kara’s Picks

Real talk, comfort is key. Flowy pants and an easy, breezy bikini have you ready for everything from mosh pits to VIP tents.

Jenn is the Copy Director at Victoria’s Secret and has spent the past 10 years writing for brands like Club Monaco, Free People, SoulCycle, and more. She has a degree in English from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. When she’s not chipping away at Pulitzer Prize-winning copy (dream big, right?), you’ll find her living beyond her means by venturing to new restaurants, exploring local shops, and petting other people’s dogs.