3 Bras You Need in the Year Postpartum (Yes, Breastfeeding Transition Included)

Meet Heather Keeney: Outside of her position at Victoria’s Secret for the past five years, she took on the role of Mom to twin boys in 2022. We sat down to discuss her experience with breastfeeding and the bras that got her through it all.

What were the biggest challenges you faced after giving birth?

“There were plenty I was somewhat prepared to take on in the days, weeks, and months following. The obvious ones: How to (literally) juggle two newborn infants at a time, sleep training (thanks, Taking Cara Babies!), and how many ways to respond to ‘wow, you have your hands full’ on the days I triumphantly left the house. 

The one I didn’t see coming? The number of times I’ve had to refresh my bra wardrobe in the two years since I had my boys. Luckily, I work at Victoria’s Secret and therefore know a thing or two about this topic.”

What bras did you wear following giving birth?

“I exclusively breastfed Roman and Ansel for 6 months—and I was so happy to have a prettier bra in my nursing bra rotation thanks to our Body by Victoria lace-y nursing bra. This was my ‘nice’ bra and always made me feel a little more put together when I had it on. (This was especially important during a time when life as I knew it was full upside down and covered in spit up.) I will call out that this bra does not work for hands-free pumping with your traditional pump BUT I was able to use the adjustable straps and fit my portable pump in each cup for on-the-go pumping when needed.”

As your body changed, what bras did you turn to?

“This is where things got interesting. The breast-size fluctuation in the weaning period is very real and that’s where the Bare Infinity Flex came to my rescue! It’s wireless and stretches with you, which is exactly what you need. It’s also lightly lined which was great in case you have some leaks and/or you are attempting the cabbage trick. (We’ve all been there!) Before purchasing, I got measured with an associate in store…something I’ve done many times in the last few years.”

Two years later, what bras do you reach for in your day-to-day life?

“Now that I’ve had my little dudes for almost two years, it’s safe to say my boobs have reached homeostasis. My size and shape have changed so many times throughout this whole process, and I’m left with the need for a little oomph if you know what I mean. I’m a huge fan of the new improvements to our Body by Victoria collection! Specifically, the small tweaks to the lightly lined demi that make it fit closer to the body and therefore give a ‘my-boobs-only-better’ shape. The unlined demi is also a new go-to…just enough shape and lift without it feeling extra.”

Any other recommendations?

“Whatever stage of motherhood you find yourself in, the Featherweight Max Sports Bra needs to be in your wardrobe. It’s super supportive but feels like you aren’t wearing a bra at all. Whether I’m working out or simply chasing my two toddlers around, I’m basically in this bra 24/7 outside of work. I have it in four colors and can’t recommend it enough. “

Jenn is the Copy Director at Victoria’s Secret and has spent the past 10 years writing for brands like Club Monaco, Free People, SoulCycle, and more. She has a degree in English from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. When she’s not chipping away at Pulitzer Prize-winning copy (dream big, right?), you’ll find her living beyond her means by venturing to new restaurants, exploring local shops, and petting other people’s dogs.