Model Exclusive: Talking Fashion, Vacation, and More with the Cast of Our Summer 2024 Campaign 

It’s the hottest season of the year and the only things brighter than the sunshine are the stars of our sexy summer shoot. Read on to discover what they love about this time of year, where they’d like to travel, and more.

Gigi Hadid

What is your dream escape?

“Anywhere with clear water, good food, and people I love.”

Are you a “summer person”?

“I think different sides of me come out with each season. Definitely a big side of me is a summer person. I feel very much, like, a beach kid—but then also, you know—every season kind of brings out another side of me.”

If summer were an outfit, what would it be?

“A low-rise, baggy jean, cropped T-shirt, sandals, and sunglasses.”

Describe the feeling of summer in one word.


Emily Ratajkowski

Are you a “summer person”?

“Definitely, I grew up in Southern California in a little place called Encinitas in San Diego. It’s just all about summer, like, it’s kind of like summertime all the time and you just live in your bathing suit.”

Do you have any summer traditions?

“My birthday is at the beginning of summer, so it sort of is always a perfect kickoff. So, either start off with, like, a trip or a party or something and that gets everyone in the mood including myself.”

What’s your favorite thing about summer?

“The way I get to dress—just, like, not even thinking about it. I feel really connected to my body in the summer. I get a little bit of a tan and just feel very pretty.”

Tina Kunakey

Are you a “summer person”?

“Anytime of the year I’m enjoying summer—I am definitely a summer person. I love the summer, I love the sun.”

Describe the feeling of summer in one word.


Do you have any summer traditions?

“I love to surf; I love to spend time with my family creating memories.”

Who are you escaping with?

“Last summer, I went on a trip with my mom, grandma, daughter, and it was like the four generations and was kind of very cute.”

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