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Our new special reimagines the signature VS Fashion Show. Streaming on Prime Video

Discover the looks inspired by our iconic special.  


The Tour ’23

Discover our remarkable cast—from iconic names to up-and-coming artists.
Featuring the VS20: innovative global creatives from the vibrant cities of Bogota, Lagos, London, and Tokyo. 

Logo VS with wings for Victoria's Secret World Tour Impact Fund

The Tour Impact Fund  

VS&Co is excited to announce this significant step towards advancing gender equality and empowering underserved voices in the communities where the VS20, a group of innovative creatives, live, operate, and create their art. 

Meet the VS20

The House of Tokyo


Jenny Fax: Fashion Designer
Umi Ishihara: Filmmaker
Kaito Itsuki: Painter
Aoi Yamada: Body Artist
Kom-I: Artist


The House of Lagos


Bubu Ogisi: Fashion Designer
Korty: Filmmaker
Eloghosa Osunde: Artist
Ashley Okoli: Artist
Wavy The Creator: Multifaceted Creative


The House of Bogotá


Melissa Valdes: Fashion Designer
Cristina Sánchez Salamanca: Filmmaker
Lorena Torres: Painter
Piscis: Dancer & Choreographer
Goyo: Musician


The House of London


Supriya Lele: Creative Director & Designer
Margot Bowman: Filmmaker
Ebun Sodipo: Artist & Writer
Michaela Stark: Lingerie Designer & Artist
Phoebe Collings: Artist


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