Talking Love: Model Taylor Hill Opens up About Her Unique Romance

The model, newlywed, and dog mom gives us an exclusive look into her picture-perfect romance story.  

1. Can you define love?

“To me, it’s all the little things. Knowing what your partner loves and needs and seeing them and them seeing you.” 

2. What makes your love unique?

“Every love is unique because everyone is different. For me, I feel like we’re kids exploring the world together and going on fun adventures. He’s my best friend and I love being around him.”  

3. How did the two of you meet?

“We met through mutual friends at a concert in aspen.” 

4. What are your signs? Are they compatible or are you defying the stars?

“I am a Pisces, and he is a Capricorn. We are compatible because I am a dreamer led by emotions and he is grounded, logical, and down to earth. He keeps me centered and is a stable, safe space for me.” 

5. What was the moment each of you knew you loved the other? 

“I think we each knew right away. We lived in different countries and our connection to each other was so strong—it never mattered we lived oceans apart. We made it work because I think right from the beginning we were in love.” 

6. What quality do you love most in your partner? 

“How kind and adventurous he is. He loves to plan things to do and go on small trips and have new experiences which I love. And I love that he just takes me along for the ride because planning is not my strong suit.” 

7. What’s your favorite love song? 

“We both love From Eden by Hozier and Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley.” 

8. What’s the secret to keeping the love going strong in your relationship? 

“I think it’s all the little things. Knowing what your partner likes and doing those small things for them. Danny makes me coffee and brings it to me in bed every morning because I love that little time with him, and he knows it. I also think knowing how your partner communicates and receives loves is super important. Everybody needs love to be expressed in different ways.” 

9. Was it love at first sight? A slow burn? Something in between? 

“For us, it was love at first sight. But however you fall in love can be beautiful.” 

10. Describe your partner in three words. 

“Kind, strong, and goofy.”