Inside For Love & Lemons: The Heart & Hustle Behind a Fan-Favorite Brand

Laura Hall and Gillian Rose Kern—the founders and entrepreneurs of everyone’s favorite romantic and divinely feminine brand For Love & Lemons—are here to share some little-known facts (yes, even some details you mega fans don’t know!). Read on to get the details on their history, upcoming collection, and more.


Where did the idea of For Love & Lemons come from?

“For Love & Lemons was born in 2011 from our desire to be creative and create beautiful pieces we couldn’t find anywhere else. Today, with a small team of 40, Laura and I remain deeply involved in every decision, maintaining our commitment to creating products that empower women by celebrating their femininity and individuality.”


What is the story behind the name of the brand?

“For Love & Lemons reflects our romantic view of love, friendship, and the beauty of the world around us. Our story began in a small country town in Wyoming, where we spent our childhood. From starting lemonade stands together at 11 years old to crafting beautiful dresses and lingerie, our journey has always been about creating pieces that captivate and are cherished forever.”


What’s something that may surprise customers to know about For Love & Lemons?

“One surprising aspect about For Love & Lemons is that we built the brand out of our garage, beginning with just the two of us, and we’ve maintained a small team ever since. We’re still deeply involved in every aspect of the business, ensuring that our vision and values are consistently upheld.”


Can you give any hints for exciting, upcoming things the brand is planning?

“In addition to our beautiful Fall and Holiday Collections, we’re excited to share a new bridal collection coming out this Fall. Inspired by non-traditional brides, the collection is a love story of exaggerated silhouettes and dreamy fabrics. Stay tuned for more details!”


What surprised you the most about creating a brand?

“When we first started, we simply created pieces for ourselves—we never dreamed we’d become a big brand. It’s been incredible to see how much our brand has resonated with our customers and the community it’s brought together. Our community has really been the driving force behind the brand. What initially inspired us—making enchanting, empowering clothing and content—continues to be the key to our success today.”


Do you have a favorite piece or collection from For Love & Lemons history? Why is it a standout for you?

“The Lulu Dress was part of one of our first few collections during the early days of the brand. It was a turning point for us as a brand when celebrities began to wear it, making it a bestseller. We couldn’t keep it in stock. It holds a special place in our hearts for the pivotal role it played in putting us on the map.”


What was the inspiration behind the 7.16 Collection?

“Our Fall 2024 Lingerie Collection is inspired by a French, laissez-faire attitude—it celebrates the quiet joy of life’s simple moments, from getting dressed in the morning to sitting on the balcony taking in the late-afternoon sun. We created this collection with effortlessly wearable silhouettes with elegant lace two-piece sets, knits with intricate lace embroidery, and slip dresses. We were inspired by vintage trousers you might be lucky to discover at a Parisian flea market.”


What is your favorite capsule/style within the 7.16 Collection?

The Sabrina Slip and The Eloise Top”


What is your favorite way to style pieces within the 7.16 Collection?

“Our favorite way to style pieces from the Fall Lingerie Collection is to layer a light sweater over them, allowing your bra to peek out thoughtfully. We also love layering over dresses, or with denim—they are made to always be shown off.”


Anything else you want to share about the 7.16 Collection?

“Our Fall 2024 collection harnesses the particular magic of the season—about to turn a new leaf. Antique-inspired prints, trims, and motifs are harmonized with a muted color palette and soft pastels, adding a sense of warmth to the cooler days ahead.”

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