Q&A with Grace Elizabeth: The Star of Our 2024 Mother’s Day Campaign Talks Parenting, Expectations, and More 

We sat down with the VS model and mom to find out how parenthood has changed her, what life was like during her two pregnancies, and advice she would give to other women. 

In one word, describe how you feel. 

“Grateful, I feel grateful.” 

What is your favorite thing about being a mom? 

“Probably everything that goes along with it—cleaning up the messes and spills and being there for the big moments (and the little ones) and getting the sweet cuddles. And watching the just uncontainable laughter. Yeah, I would say my favorite part about being a mom is being the one that my son wants to go to for comfort. To be his little comfort pillow is a privilege.” 

What has becoming a mom taught you about yourself? 

“I am stronger than I think. I’ve always had a tendency to underestimate my abilities and the capacities within me. You know, the woman always existed, but the mother is born when the child is. My patience grew, my strength grew, my wisdom grew—just all these untapped chambers in me exploded.” 

What’s the most challenging thing about being a mom? 

“Trying not to miss the moments. I think absorbing everything that’s happening from day to day is probably the most difficult thing.” 

Is motherhood what you thought it would be? 

“I always thought it was the life doomed to frantic running around and trying to problem solve every single day—which it is. But being a mom is actually really easy. It’s being the person outside of being a mom that I find to be difficult now.” 

How has becoming a mom affected your relationship with your mom? 

“It’s put my childhood into perspective. I learned so much from my mom—she taught me to be tender, strong, and stern at the same time. And when you become an adult, and you get a child of your own, you realize everything was a lesson to prepare you and to protect you. So yeah, she taught me how to make the right calls.” 

What is a piece of advice you wish had been given to you before becoming a mom? 

“It is completely okay to not always be okay, to be confused. It is completely acceptable to ask for help and that it doesn’t dwindle your ability as a mother. That it takes a village, and it should take a village because the more people in your child’s life that love them, the better off they’ll be.” 

How did you feel the first time you were pregnant? 

“I felt amazing. I had zero morning sickness. I had so much energy. I was so excited. My hair was delicious. My skin was plump and glowing. I was so excited and nervous and terrified.” 

And how do you feel now in your second pregnancy? 

“This has been a little more complicated. I don’t have all the energy I did—but I’m also taking care of a toddler. I had morning sickness until I was about six months pregnant and had some light heart things going on.” 

What is something that you don’t think enough people know about? 

“Motherhood is a very selfless act. You put somebody completely above yourself—above your health, above your mental state, above exhaustion, and just every problem you have.” 

How do you feel about Mother’s Day now versus before? 

“For me, I don’t want it celebrated any differently than any other day. Maybe some chocolate covered strawberries would be nice. Just put that as a side note.”  

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