Summer Astrology Guide: Horoscopes & Zodiac-Inspired Swim  

Splish splash, people! Summer vacation is coming, and the stars have big plans for you.


Your vibe: super-social. Sun babies always shine brightest during their birthday seasons. It’s typically the most social time of the year, and that’s your jam.   

How to spend your summer vacation: It might be vacay time but your curiosity promises a summer filled with new discoveries wherever you choose, be it Kyoto or a local museum. Jupiter enters your house on May 25th and will stay there for most of the summer, making you extra-flighty (which is saying something). Try to stay present and grounded.   

The Gemini Swimsuit: Mix & Match Multiway Halter & Side Tie Cheeky


Your vibe: hostess-with-the-mostess. While you love to nestle up at home in cold weather, with summer comes barbecues, picnics, and pool parties where water signs thrive on bringing people together. Not to mention being closer to water. Whenever you feel down, a quick dip in the ocean, pool, or lake cures whatever ails you.   

How to spend your summer vacation: You Cancers are riding a total eclipse in your career-minded 10th house and have been busy making major strides. So, you ‘ll be yearning for some emotional connection and comfort. A family vacation to a lakeside cabin or a solo retreat to the sea can offer the tranquility you need to succeed.  

The Cancer Swimsuit: Mix & Match Twist Push-Up Bikini Top 


Your vibe: yacht life. The Leo summer checklist? Glam cutout swimsuit, big hat, giant sunglasses, and strappy heels. Leave the casual cutoffs and flip flops to the others. For you, summer is all about dressing up and showing off even more. You love hot weather and heat; this is your favorite time of year.   

How to spend your summer vacation: Starting in June, Jupiter is sprinkling social fairy dust all over you—this will be one of your best summers, in one of your best years. Your desire for drama, fun, and romance is amplified, making this a season to remember. Seek out luxe destinations with a big nightlife.  

The Leo Swimsuit: VS Archives Swim Macrame Fringe Monokini One-Piece Swimsuit 


Your vibe: A+ self-improvement student. Sure, you type A’s appreciate the kicked-back, it’s-five-o’clock-somewhere vibe of summer, but really this season is all about coming back for fall as an even better version of yourself, with even more accomplishments under your belt.   

How to spend your summer vacation: 2024 has been a year centered on change, growth, and betterment for you, and that doesn’t stop during the summertime. A focus on self-improvement and health will guide your summer vacation choices. A yoga weekend or a meditation retreat gives you the get-away you want and the rejuvenation you need.   

The Virgo Swimsuit: VS Archives Swim Strappy High-Neck One-Piece Swimsuit 


Your vibe: culture vulture. To the museum! Beaches are cool and all, but it’s your affinity for harmony, beauty, and social connections that really shapes your summer aspirations.  

How to spend your summer vacation: 2024 is all about love for Libras, both good and bad. On the good side, you might finally settle down with the one. On the bad side, there might be some telenovela-style obsession and drama. Romantic destinations are in your stars. Think Paris, if you can swing it, or at the very least sunset strolls around your town.   

The Libra Swimsuit: The Cut-Out Swim Dress 


Your vibe: OOO on a vision quest. A need for transformation and deeper understanding about life defines your summer vacation. Fun!  

How to spend your summer vacation: You’ve been getting life lessons this year, and that will continue through the summer, thanks to Jupiter’s heavy presence. So, now’s the time to go deep with your thoughts and plans. Read some philosophy while staring at the sun. Take a solo journey to somewhere with a deep spiritual meaning for yourself, whether it be your hometown or the pyramids of Giza.   

The Scorpio Swimsuit: VS Archives Swim Strappy Bandeau Bikini Top & Strappy Hipster Brazilian Bikini Bottom 


Your vibe: wanderlust-ing. Your inherent need for travel and thirst for knowledge are your guiding lights this summer. Go wild.  

How to spend your summer vacation: Sexy Mars sparked a fire inside you in Spring, and it doesn’t cool down this summer. Plan a grand adventure somewhere that offers all kinds of new experiences—and new people. Travelling solo might prompt a bit of moodiness so rustle up some friends and companions to keep the vibe light and social.   

The Sagittarius Swimsuit: VS Archives Swim Macrame Bandeau Bikini Top & Macrame Fringe Cheeky Bikini Bottom 


Your vibe: I want to be alone. Your instincts want you focused on personal goals and ambition. You need solitude. Reflect, Caps. Reflect.  

How to spend your summer vacation: Saturn, your ruling planet, is in your sky this summer, putting a spotlight on a season of major growth. A solo trek through the mountains, a local workshop about that new hobby you’ve been meaning to try out is the springboard for your personal expansion era. Seize the moment and challenge yourself.  

The Capricorn Swimsuit: Shine Strap Bombshell Push-Up Bikini Top & Shine Strap Thong Bikini Bottom 


Your vibe: one with nature. This is your most creative and connected season, and you thrive on days spent outdoors in the wild (even if it’s a concrete jungle).  

How to spend your summer vacation: Lucky you! Jupiter moves into your passion zone in the beginning of June, promising things like true love, fertility, and creativity. Engage in travel that connects you with community projects. Volunteer, join clubs or committees, spearhead reunions with groups of friends you haven’t seen in a while. Success for you this season springs from connecting with others.  

The Aquarius Swimsuit: VS Archives Swim Sexy Tee High-Neck Push-Up Bikini Top 


Your vibe: in my artist era. Your creative imagination and spiritual quest guide your summer destination choices.  

How to spend your summer vacation: The planets are enhancing your stability and connection to friends and family, which is a great thing for you. Especially since the fall is bringing a significant, bumpy eclipse. Do what you can to make this a solid, stable summer even if that means saying no to that local heartbreaker looking your way. You’re destined for greater things, so long as you keep your head and heart intact.  

The Pisces Swimsuit: Crochet Triangle Top & Side-Tie Bikini Bottom  


Your vibe: Indiana Jones. Summer for you is all about adventure. Want to go to Mongolia? Sure. Bungee jump off a skyscraper? Sounds groovy.   

How to spend your summer vacation: Professionally, the planets are aligning for you to get a new job, raise, or promotion this summer. Just saying. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, Aries-style. Your adventurous spirit is highlighted under the current cosmic energies, promising an action-packed summer of 2024. For your vacation, consider destinations that offer adrenaline-pumping activities.  

The Aries Swimsuit: Cut-Out One-Piece  


Your vibe: summer but make it luxe. That’s how you roll, Bulls. It’s not that you do anything out of the ordinary. Meals with friends, flip flops, beach days. It’s just that your meal is a caviar tasting, your flip flops are designer, and your beach is St. Barts.   

How to spend your summer vacation: Jupiter entered your sign in May, making you the favorite child of the zodiac and showering you with good luck. Ride that happy wave right into a spectacular summer full of luxury and pleasure. Seek out destinations where you can indulge in good food, great wine (if that’s your thing), and Instagram-worthy vistas.  

The Taurus Swimsuit: Shine Strap Plunge One-Piece

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