Unlocking the Secrets of the Everything Shower: A Luxurious Self-Care Ritual for 2024

Between your wan, shadow-self and your glowy, future-self lies this decadent self-care routine.  

A highly involved, ultra-indulgent, somewhat confusing cleansing routine took over TikTok in 2023—the Everything Shower. Popularized by influencers, perfected by Gwyneth, and embraced by #millions, it’s just the kind of over-the-top, social media-magnet beauty  regimen that could only belong to right now. Loosely translated as a multi-step self-care ritual that addresses every little nook, cranny, and follicle. A weekly skin-and-body spring-clean that coexists as both a highly IG-able opportunity AND a deeply personal self-care ritual. 

It’s only gaining steam (no pun intended) on social media for 2024, with everyone and their mother breaking down their preferred routine of choice.  

“People love an Everything Shower because it is the ultimate, personalized self-care experience,” says Nurse Gigi, Aesthetic Nurse at Skinstudio9 in New York City, and one of our favorite skincare experts. “If it’s done on a weekly basis, you are allowing yourself extra TLC egularly, and maintaining optimal upkeep of yourself: hair, face, and body.”  

So, Where Do You Start?  

There’s no one right way to do this. Like snowflakes, each one is unique and should fit your personal needs and bandwidth. “I advise doing an Everything Shower once a week,” says Nurse Gigi. “Preferably at nighttime before bed, so you can really focus on it and enjoy the moment.  

This kind of highly involved cleansing comes with a few caveats: “I advise to focus most of the steps before and after the shower, and when you are in the shower to use lukewarm water,” Nurse Gigi says. “Being in hot water for a long duration can strip the natural oils of the skin and aggravate existing skin conditions like eczema.  

So, in other words, don’t go too overboard. It is possible to have too much of a good thing. “Overall, your face should be cleansed morning and night, your body should be washed daily, and hair may be washed be 2-4 times a week depending on your hair type and personal preference. 

Here’s Nurse Gigi’s ideal, ultra-luxe, not-skin-breaking Everything Shower routine.


Set the Mood

“Start by lighting your favorite scented candle,” says Nurse Gigi. “I love something that has a lavender scent, it helps me relax.” 

Brush Your Scalp 

–. “A good, strong brushing stimulates follicles, exfoliates, encourages hair growth and gives you a fun little head massage all at once.”  

Brighten the Smile

“This is the perfect time to brush and floss your teeth and apply a weekly whitening treatment, something like Crest Whitestrips, which can be easy to forget to do on a regular basis.” 

Double Cleanse and Derma Plane Face 

“Wash your face twice with a gentle face cleanser—once to remove make up from the day, then twice to remove whatever dirt and makeup may remain,” Nurse Gigi says. “Pat your face dry gently, then using a small facial razor to lightly derma plane your face to remove the vellus hairs (aka peach fuzz)” 

Apply an Exfoliating or Mud Mask  

Face all buffed, apply any face mask you want and let it soak in while you complete the rest of the pre-shower routine.  

Dry-Brush Your Body  

Take a medium-bristle body brush and stroke up your limb, torso and shoulders, brushing in the direction of your heart. This increases lymphatic drainage and starts the exfoliation process. Don’t rush through it. “For me, this always takes up to 10 minutes,” says Nurse Gigi. “It’s important to really do it well. “ 


Take off Your Face Mask  

Doing this in a sink is the worst—it splashes everywhere yet never seems to completely come off your skin. The shower is the only place to really get squeaky clean.  

Double Shampoo 

Wet your hair, lather up rinse and repeat. Choose a brand that is paraben-free Gently towel dry your hair. “Double washing is great because it gives a deeper cleanse than a single wash,” says Nurse Gigi. “I like to layer different shampoo formulas, like a hydrating shampoo on first wash, and a shine-enhancing shampoo on second wash, to get the best of both worlds.” 

Condition Your Ends  

But don’t rinse it out right away. Let the conditioner really soak into hair, as you do the next few steps. 

Shave and Scrub-A-Dub 

“Make sure you’ve exfoliated every last dead skin cell from your body with either a physical body scrub or, with my tool of choice, exfoliating gloves,” says Nurse Gigi. “I prefer them because you can wash them between uses, and they leave skin super-soft.” If you’re doing any shaving, now’s the time to swipe that razor up and down limbs and under arms. 

Body Wash O’clock 

After all this scrubbing, shaving shampooing and exfoliating, now’s the time for a good, therapeutic lather from your favorite creamy body cleanser to make sure you are fully clean. “Products with Honey and Coconut Milk are super hydrating and always smell delicious,” says Nurse Gigi. 

Rinse Hair 

Rinse off your conditioner now too, finishing with a blast of cool water to seal in the hair cuticle. 


Now that you’re done with your underwater-activities, step back onto dry land in luxury. Nurse Gigi advises using a microfiber towel for drying off hair to reduce breakage after all that washing and conditioning. “I don’t advise going to bed with wet hair, it can cause breakage. Use a wet brush or large comb to get through the tangles. Air dry, if possible, followed by a hairdryer.” 

Wrap Up 

Then slip into something a little more comfortable. “I think there is nothing better than putting on a thick, plush robe after drying off.”  

Damp-moisturize Your Body  

“While your skin is still slightly wet and warm, apply a super hydrating body moisturizer to prevent trans epidermal water loss of the skin,” says Nurse Gigi. “Look for a formula with Ceramides which are key to lock in the moisture.  If you want to, apply a body oil on top of that for extra skin-conditioning.” 

Off with Those Whitestrips  

Now’s the time to take off your white strips, gently re-brush teeth, and smile at yourself in the mirror. 

Release the Retinol! 

While your pores are still open apply your go-to skin care powerhouse ingredients. “My go-to is Skinbetter Alphret retinol cream,” says Nurse Gigi. “Then wait two minutes to apply your favorite face moisturizer. Keep your skin care simple, yet effective.” Try VS Ultra Hydrating Face Moisturizer for 

Lashes, Cuticles and Little Last Touches 

Perfection is in the details, so don’t forget them: Before wrapping your routine up, “Apply your nightly lash serum, such as Revitalash, and rub in a cuticle oil to hands and feet.”