At the Shoot: Pink by PINK Perfume 

A peek behind the scenes and into the bottle. 

A signature scent is your trademark. Something you wear every day that becomes as much a part of your style as those perfectly broken-in jeans or that bracelet you never take off. A signature scent lingers a little after you’ve left the room, like a lipstick print on a tissue. It’s an emotional, glamorous, invisible thread that connects to you.  

When creating our new signature scent for PINK it had to capture our namesake shade’s many contradictions. Punk, pretty, preppy, prim. It’s a tall order, but we found our perfect muse in artist and model Scarlett Costello.  

The campaign was shot on a November day in Los Angeles, amongst a riot of glossy perfume bottles, oversized, color-splashed canvases, paint-daubed art supplies, and 90s music. Every element of the shoot was designed to point out all the special, distinctive qualities of Pink by PINK. Take a closer look:  

Dots have always been a big part of PINK’s heritage. The cap on the bottle pays tribute and the motif is reflected all throughout the campaign—the stylist Jorden Bickham even found a vintage pink bobble ring for Scarlett to wear. 

“I like to think of a fragrance as the final part of the outfit, matching it to look and occasion.” 


The perfumers behind PINK by PINK are Nicole Mancini and Adriana Medina, from Givaudan. Fun fact: Medina also created the best-selling Bombshell fragrance for VS. 

They wanted the scent to feel like “sunshine on a rainy day,” and “a friendly hug.” 

Early sketch of Pink by PINK bottle. 

One of Scarlett’s original paintings that she created during the shoot. (Note the pink dot again.) “It was my first time having my art be a part of a commercial job, so it felt a lot more personal,” she says. 

The jasmine used in this is sourced straight from India, and only blooms at night. 

The note in this is upcycled apple oil, made from the unused puree left over from creating fresh juice.   

Distilled directly from cedarwood sawdust—ultra-pure and fragrant. 

Meet Scarlett Costello 

What inspires you in your art and daily creativity? 

Magazines, fashion photography, surrealist images and fantasy. I’m inspired by jewelry, maps, and the early symbols, reappropriating logos, and the shapes of numbers. 

How does fragrance evoke feelings, memories, and creative inspiration? 

I love using scents for different seasons and when I return to one, I’m reminded of certain times. It’s a way of categorizing memories.  

What does it mean to be an original? 

It means listening to my inner voice and being in touch with myself so that my decisions in taste, selections, my life choices etc. are always unique to me, not copied from anyone else. I’m informed by my own experiences, truth and honor my instinct.